Friday, March 28, 2008

Once again we have been told the same thing....

Since we arrived back home from Guatemala we have been waiting to hear about our case with the anticipation that everything has yet again been corrected and our case was re-submitted to PGN. Well once again we have been told the same thing "your case has not been re-submitted to PGN but Julio hopes to re-submit your case next week". While this is hard news to get we have to admit we are used to this answer and we are not surprised. The past few months we have been waiting for our case to be re-submitted and keep getting told "next week". We really want to see our case move forward so that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel and have an idea when Madison will be home. In the post below I posted a devotion about delays God allows and sometimes we don't understand. As hard as it is, we have to accept these delays and continue to trust that everything will work out. Adoptive families often will compare the road of adoption to pregnancy; well I can tell you that both are difficult and completely different experiences. The big difference is that with pregnancy you know that there is an end in about 9 months. Yes the pregnancy may end sooner but for the most part it only last 9 months. With adoption you never know when the end will come. We now have been in the adoption process for over 11 months and don't have any idea when the process will be finalized. Each day we read through blogs about other families who are out of PGN and are getting things ready for their children to come home. We are very excited for them and wish them all the best and praise God that they are finishing up their adoption journeys. We have met some wonderful families through this and they deserve their children home just as much as we do.
While we wait for our case to move forward we are busy trying to get ready for Jacob. It is hard to believe that in about a month we will have a little baby boy at home. I am still amazed at how God has blessed us with this pregnancy.
We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers. Please pray that our adoption case will move forward, the pregnancy will continue to go smoothly, and Wayne and I will continue to trust in God that everything will work out in his time.

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