Sunday, March 23, 2008

We're back home

We made it back home last night really late but did have an uneventful trip so that was good. Yesterday was a hard day. Having to give Madison back to her foster family was really hard and not something we wanted to do. It helps to know how much her foster family loves her and how much she loves them but we still believe she needs to be home with us. Wayne and I pray that she is home within the next several months.
We only had a few hours to spend with her yesterday but thankfully those few hours were great and she was in a great mood.
We did come back home a little dissapointed and upset because we were supposed to meet with our attorney's assistant but he never showed up. The foster mother received a call from him about 12:15 (15 mins after he was supposed to be there). He told her that he wanted the foster family to go ahead and leave because he wanted to talk to us without them around and that he would be there to meet us in 15 mins. They went ahead and said their goodbyes and left. We waited for almost an hour for the assistant to show up and he did not. We were to the point we could not wait any longer and had to leave to go catch our flight. We had several questions that we wanted answers to and had hoped to have them answered yesterday. We are now wondering when we will get our questions answered. Both Wayne and I feel that it is time for us to catch a break with our adoption case so that we can see it move forward again.
Please keep us, Madison, and our case in your prayers.

Here are a few pictures of our trip....

Madison in her Easter dress

Breakfast on our last morning

Wayne, Madison, and myself with the foster family


Kimberly said...

What great pictures! Love her in her Easter dress & the last picture is too cute with her touching your tummy. She knows her brother is in there.

Stephanie said...

I'm glad you made it back safely. Sorry you returned with no news about your case. Praying that you hear some news soon and that your agency starts working for you down there! Maybe you should hire a private investigator? The sooner she gets home to you, the better for everyone. Hang in there...beautiful pics...beautiful family.