Saturday, May 7, 2011

Jacob turns 3!

Jacob's birthday was this past Saturday.   We started the day off with a birthday party at a local recreation center.   We had several friends and family who joined us to celebrate this special day.  He had a great time running around playing with his friends and the balloons.   He received some great presents- a steering wheel and telescope (for his swingset) from his Grandaddy,  a big Buzz Lightyear from his Grandaddy, a zoo membership and some little animals from his MaMa and PaPa, some cars, a nerf gun, some puzzles, several books,  and lots more stuff from his friends.   Wayne and I bought him all of the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters (beanie size) and a Radio Flyer bike.   (Now we have to teach him to pedal).  
After the party inside the kids all went out to run off some more energy on the playground while we cleaned up.    We let Jacob play on the playground for a bit and then  went home and all 3 of us took a long nap.   After the nap we met Aunt Leigh (Lady), MaMa and PaPa for a birthday dinner at Red Robin.  We had a great time at dinner and Jacob enjoyed them coming over and singing "Happy Birthday" to him.  They also brought him out a hot fudge sundae which he had no desire to eat.   After dinner Wayne and I took Jacob over to the carnival rides at the Sparkleberry County fair.  Jacob had been asking for a few days to ride the ferris wheel and so we decided his birthday was a great day to go.  He enjoyed riding several of the rides to include the swings, water bumper boats, and of course the ferris wheel.    After the second to last ride he looked up at us and asked if he could go home because he was tired.  I say it was after the second to last ride because on the way out he wanted to ride the small train they had.  I think it is very safe to say that he had a great 3rd birthday.  

 Holding up his fingers to show us he is 3! (note he has 5 fingers up - guess we need to work on this)