Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The beginning of day three and things have not improved

I wish I could say that things have really improved but so far they have not. Madison woke up about 5 this morning, had a bottle and then immediately started to scream. She will only let Wayne hold her and comfort her, which is extremely hard on me, but it is equally hard on him. We both know that with kids you will go through times like these but for most people those times are at their home and not in a hotel. We are trying to be mindful of the people in the rooms around us but there is only so much you can do to calm a sick screaming baby. Please keep us in your prayers and pray that Madison will start to feel better soon. We really want her to enjoy her time with us and to have some fun the rest of the week but if she is still feeling bad then that might not happen. We also don't want her to be sick on her First birthday which is on Thursday.


Amanda said...

We're praying your days improve very, very soon! Your Madison is such a beautiful girl, it's hard to see her so uncomfortable.

We're hoping she's better by her birthday! She needs to enjoy her 1st birthday.

Amanda, Ed, and Gabi

Anonymous said...

hey guys. hang in there. i know it is really rough with her being sick and screaming but i have to tell you (hopefully encourage you) it is a nightmare to take our girls traveling just b/c of the different sleeping arrangements. so, i am sure that and being sick and a whole new environment is really throwing her off. i know her behavior is hard and hurts your heart but your unconditional love for her is not going unnoticed and she will really appreciate that and be able to give you tons of love in return one day. so hang in there! hope the rest of your trip is awesome!!!
Dana Jackson