Thursday, January 29, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts...

Sorry to all who read this blog. First of all there really has not been that much news with the adoption. Then everytime I sit down with the computer Jacob comes over and tries to type. Then lastly I have found myself spending most of my computer time on Facebook.
Now on to the news, first about the adoption. Our attorney is supposed to have a meeting with PGN about our case on Feb.13. We have no idea what time or what this meeting will be about but we do feel that it is very important to our case. We are asking for everyone to pray about the meeting at some point on the 13th. As we know more I will let everyone know.
Now news about Jacob. Well he is crawling already. He started crawling several weeks ago and is also "cruising" around things. He will pull up on the ottomon and walk all the way around it. He is so happy to be mobile. We have been baby proofing the house but still catch him getting into everything. He has been in the cat food and I did catch him eating a piece, at least it was just one piece. He also likes to try to climb on, over, under, and around all of his toys.
He will be 9 months old tomorrow. We go for his check-up on Monday.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The latest we have heard about the adoption.

Wayne received an email the other day from our adoption coordinator. In the email she stated that she had spoken with our attorney. He stated that he would send her an email with more information but we have yet to hear if he did or not. He did tell her that on Friday the birthmother did agree to proceed with the relinquishment of her rights as the parent and to allow the adoption to proceed. We did not know that this was an issue but if it was we are glad to hear this news. She was also told that our case file (dossier) is still in PGN which is great news because that might possibly mean that our case did not get kicked out after all. We can't be sure if the PGN news is true or not and if it is what it means but we are just going to trust that miracles can happen.

We also received a few emails from the foster family just stating that Madison received her Christmas package, she sends her little brother hugs and kisses, and that she misses us.

Please keep praying. We believe Madison will come home some day soon.

As promised, more pictures...

In no particular order...

Christmas and vacation in Arkansas...