Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A picture of us with our beautiful daughter.

Still out of PGN!

Well we found out yesterday that our case has still not been resubmitted to PGN. Our agency is working to try to find out the exact reason for us not being in PGN so that we can at least have some type of understanding for the hold up. It is looking more and more like Madison will not be home by the end of the year but we are still praying for a miracle. Miracles do happen! We are asking for everyone to pray for our case and for Madison. We know that there is nothing we can do to speed things up we just have to trust in God that his will is being done. It is really hard to have Christmas just around the corner and not have Madison home. Our families have told us that it would not bother them if we were in Guatemala for Christmas preparing to bring her home instead of spending time with them. We know that it would be a true miracle for this to happen. Madison will be home soon, we just don't know how soon that will be. It seems so amazing to love someone so much through pictures and the one week we spent with her but honestly all it took was the very first picture. In our hearts she is already our daughter.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bad news and great pictures!

Ok, well I have not updated in a while mostly because we were hoping to get some good news to report. But unfortunately the only news we have received concerning our case has been bad news. We found out that the timeline for our case is as follows:

On September 3 we entered PGN (Guatemalan Government Agency - I compare it to a DHS type agency but for the entire country)
We were kicked out a short time later for having been submitted to PGN prior to receiving our pre-approval from the US Embassy. We received that on September 28.

On October 12 we were in PGN and on the second reviewer’s desk waiting for the case to be reviewed. (In PGN each adoption case must go through three reviewers and then back to the first before it can be approved and a Visa be issued.)

We found out on October 30 that we received another previo (the term PGN uses to basically mean "kicked out") in PGN on October 25. We don't really know the reason for the previo at this time.

Currently we are not back in PGN and we still don't have a reason for the previo. We are assuming that the previo does not have anything to do with our paperwork or that it is not something that Wayne or I could correct. The previo could be caused by a variety of reasons some of which could be the birthmother’s paperwork, the hospital records, and etc. We are just praying that the problem is resolved soon and our case goes back in PGN without any further issues.

We are very disappointed by this news because this puts our case on hold indefinitely but will still remain hopeful. This is one of the biggest tests of faith we have ever faced. We are trying to remain strong and keep our faith that Madison will be home soon.

On a better note we did receive a medical update with new pictures. In the pictures Madison is 7 months and 10 days old. She currently weighs about 19 1/2 pounds and is developing normally. She is beginning to be more verbal and sitting up by herself.