Saturday, August 6, 2011


Jacob also started playing T-ball for the YMCA.  He played for the Jeep Rogers YMCA Phillies, ages 3-5.   His team had 12 players and 2 coaches.  Only about 2 of the kids had ever played before and this was the first time the coaches had ever coached.  We could not have been more blessed to have great coaches who really took their time with the kids and had great patience.   The season ended today, August 6 with the final game, a party and a trophy.  Here are some pictures from throughout the season. 

  We are so proud at how much he has learned in his first season of t-ball at the age of 3.  He has not only learned the basics of the game but he has learned what it means to be on a team.   At the first of the season he cried everytime a teammate got the ball in the field and even ran over and took the ball from several of his teammates.  Each week he improved in not only his hitting the ball, his running the bases, but also with his being a team player.   He is only 3 and still has a lot to learn but we couldn't be more proud.    Our next adventure will be to play soccer, which wll start in September. 

Post 3 for June

I know my posts are out of order but I am posting as I remember. The end of May, beginning of June we made a trip to Arkansas for my nephew Matthew's graduation. While there we not only went to the graduation but went to the rodeo parade and the rodeo. Nana and Grandpa bought Jacob an actual cowboy hat for Jacob to wear to the rodeo and just because he wanted one (also because they are grandparents and that is what they do).

All of the cousins together for a picture.

Post 2 for June

Father's day weekend we headed to Myrtle Beach to enjoy some fun in the sun and the nice ocean breeze.   Jacob LOVES the beach. 


Post 1 for June!

Haven't posted in a while and I have quite a few pictures to post so I will post in several different posts. 
First post will be the small family reunion we went to at Wayne's cousin Kay's house on June 11.   We had a great time visiting with family and watching the kids play in the pool.  Some of us big kids even enjoyed some time in the pool.  Wayne had a great time shooting water squirty things (they weren't guns) at his younger cousins and did his best to not get squirted back but he did.   He also braved the diving board and decided to go for a dive.   You can see a picture of it on his cousin Kay's blog.