Friday, December 10, 2010

finally another post........what Jacob (and the rest of us) has been up to these past few months.

The things he is learning.....
Jacob has become such a "big boy" lately it seems like he wakes up everyday knowing something new. Over the past few months Jacob has become very interested in the alphabet and has managed to learn all of the letters and wants to identify which letter is which on EVERYTHING! This is most of the time a great thing but can slow us down alot when he is constantly stopping to tell me what letters are on a box, sign, poster, etc. He is still interested in his numbers and shapes but his big interest has moved on to the letters. He loves to sing the alphabet song while playing with his toys.
We are also in the process of teaching him his name and our names. After working many years in retail and asking many lost little children what their names were or their parent's were and getting no answer I made the decision a long time ago that if I had children they would learn their names early. There were many times I would ask a child what their parents names were and would get the answer "mommy and daddy". Jacob knows his first and last name as well as both mine and Wayne's first and last names. He still gets stumped at times when asked but will eventually give you the right answer. On a funny note he spent several weeks telling us his name was "gobble gobble" when we asked him. He knew he was being funny and would just give us a huge smile when he said it.
I also think he has probably grown at least an inch if not more over the past few months. I don't know if we will be able to keep him in pants that are not too short if he keeps growing like he has been. I plan on measuring him at some point in the next few days so I can know exactly how tall he is now. I know in October he was exactly 36 inches.

The things we have been doing....

In November we traveled to Arkansas for my niece's wedding. Jacob was the ringbearer and did a great job. He looked so handsome all dressed up in his suit and red tie.

We were able to spend a little time visiting with my family during the week we were there but then the Saturday after the wedding we had to head back to SC so Wayne could attend a conference for work in Charleston.  Jacob and I tagged along with him on this trip and were able to spend the week in Charleston just enjoying some down time.   While there we took Jacob to see the lights at James Island State park one of the evenings.  He loved walking around looking at the Christmas lights. 

After the week in Charleston we came back home for a few days and headed to Savannah, GA to spend Thanksgiving with Wayne's Grandmother.  We all went out to eat at the Pirate's House and had a enjoyable dinner.  (we are now so very thankful for being able to spend Thanksgiving with his grandmother).
The weekend after Thanksgiving we headed up to Bristol, TN with Jacob's MaMa and PaPa to see the lights at the Bristol Motor speedway.    We were able to drive around the speedway and look at  a ton of lights and then got to drive on the track to the center field where Jacob was able to enjoy riding some rides and a visit with Santa.  

Jacob says this picture is MaMa and PaPa

Next we headed back home and were finally able to decorate our Christmas tree.  Jacob LOVED decorating and is really loving all of the decorations he sees for Christmas.   

We also had to say goodbye to Wayne's grandmother this week.  We were so glad that we got to spend some time with her on Thanksgiving.  She was her normal self that day making jokes and giving people a hard time.   We had no idea that day that it would be the last holiday anyone would get to spend with her.   Anice Evans you will be missed and I thank you for your part in helping to mold your grandson into the man I married and love with all my heart.   Jacob did wonderful with our 2 trips (in 3 days) to Georgia.  He was such a trooper and did a great job sitting at the hospital, a catholic mass, visitation, and the funeral.

  He really is a great boy and we are amazed that we were chosen by God to be his parents.  
On a lighter note we also have a new addition to our family.   We brought back a kitten from Arkansas named Sally.  Jacob tells us that Sally is his cat and she has proven to be a blessing with providing a companion to our other cat, Pepper. 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

On the 3rd day God created the Trees and the pine cones too.

In our Puggles class(Awana) on Wednesday nights we have been learning about creation. We have learned that on the 1st day God created Light, on the 2nd day God created the sky, and on the 3rd day God created the trees, the grass, and the flowers. Well today on the way home from church Jacob was telling me about the trees and I reminded him that God made the trees on the 3rd day. He immediately replied, "and the pine cones too mommy!" At first I just said a simple "yes, Jacob and the pine cones too". But then as I thought about Jacob being excited about the pine cones I was reminded that as adults sometimes we need to take time and see things in a child like manner. Too often as adults we take some of the most simplistic things and make them difficult. We need to take time and enjoy the simple things in life and just let simplicity be simple. We need to take time to marvel at the wonders of some of the little things in our lifes.
Yes, on the 3rd day God did create the trees and pine cones too. Have you ever stopped to really think about the details of a pine cone? Pine cones are things that as adults we view as a simple object that we use for kids crafts, decorations during certain times of the year, and also a sometimes being annoying if we have a bunch in our yards. Well, God took time on the 3rd day to construct even the smallest of details of the pine cones with a purpose in mind. God has also taken time and created each one of us with a purpose in mind. We are each created in his image but with different details that are uniquely ours. Are we taking time to explore our unique details and live our lifes for God's purpose? Are we taking time to relect on the small and simple things in life? It is often through the simplest of things that we hear God the clearest.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the pumpkin patch today to pick out some pumpkins to carve for Halloween. We have bought our pumpkins from a pumpkin patch the past 3 years and love taking Jacob to pick out his own.

The 1st year - Jacob at almost 6 months.

The 2nd year - Jacob at almost 1 1/2 and with a scraped up face.

The 3rd year - Jacob at almost 2 1/2.

This year it was hard to get Jacob to be still long enough for some good pictures. He is certainly a very active 2 year old, even when he is sick. He currently has an ear infection.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

No more diapers!!!

We have entered into a new phase of the toddler years.....POTTY TRAINING! I attempted to potty train Jacob back during the summer without success. It was so frustrating and overwhelming that I decided to stop for several months. I realized that neither Jacob nor myself were ready so we went back to diapers. We did however keep his potty out and accessible for him to see and sit on when he wanted. We also let him watch his potty dvd "Go Potty Go" which he actually enjoys watching. I had already decided that at some point in October I would try again but was not sure exactly when in October. It was not until this week that I decided the time was right. It was at MOPS on this past Tuesday that I was informed Jacob had told the childcare workers that he was potty trained and wanted to go to the potty with the other kids. They had no clue that he wasn't telling them the truth so they took him and quickly realized he was not trained. (He had also pulled this stunt with some nursery workers at church a few weeks earlier). I decided that day that if he was telling people he was trained then it must be time to start the training. So far it has been a great success. I know we still have a long way to go before he is completely trained but today is day three and we only had 2 accidents and even went out to eat and to a few stores.
I did realize that it is not only very important for the child to be ready but the parent also has to be ready as well. This is a HUGE commitment and takes up a good amount of time. We have practically spent the last three days at home and our day has been scheduled by a timer.
I am so proud of my big boy and the progress he has made in just three days. I can't believe how much he has grown and am a little sad at the same time.

Jacob's 1st College Football Game.

We had the opportunity to take Jacob to his first college football game on September 18. We traveled to Athens, GA for the Georgia/Arkansas game. We were truely a house divided that day with myself decked out in Arkansas attire and Wayne in his Georgia attire. We did however let Jacob represent both teams.

We all had a great time at the game despite it being so hot. Jacob even napped almost the entire first half of the game (even with myself and Wayne cheering for our teams) In the end only one of us could leave happy and for the first time in several years it was me. Arkansas won the game! Looking forward to taking Jacob to another college game and who knows maybe we can make going to this match up a family tradition.

September 2010

Since I have not really updated in a while I will do my best to detail a little of what we have done in September.
In early September we went to visit Jacob's Grandaddy. While there Jacob took a ride on the big John Deere and went fishing for the first time. Wayne helped Jacob cast his fishing pole and with the first cast he caught a fish. Not bad for a 2 year old, especially since I have never caught a fish.

We also went to the Riverbanks Zoo in September.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Finally a new post!

Wow, I can't believe it has been so long since I updated. I will add some pictures from our last beach trip of the summer and then update in another post.

Day trip to the beach with MaMa and PaPa

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Beach Trip #2

My mom, dad, sister, and two of my nephews came out during the week of the 4th of July to spend some time at the beach. We went to Surfside, SC which I have to say was wonderful. Jacob LOVED spending time with his Nana, Grandpa, Aunt DeAnne, and cousins Matthew and Daniel. On the 4th we went to the beach and enjoyed a nice firework show on the water. There were so many people setting off their own fireworks plus the city of Surfside that we ended up with a really great show. It was really a nice experience to sit and feel the ocean breeze, hear the waves and see the fireworks. What a way to celebrate our freedom and our country's birthday.
We also wen on a helicopter ride. It was both mine and Jacob's first time riding in a helicopter. We both loved it. We also attempted to take Jacob to his first movie by taking him to see Toy Story 3 at the Imax. He lasted about half way through the movie and when the popcorn ran out he was ready to leave. So mommy and Jacob left the movie so daddy, Grandpa, and Daniel could enjoy the rest.

Monday, June 21, 2010

First beach trip of the summer.

This past weekend we went on a family camping trip to Myrtle Beach State Park. It was HOT but we still managed to have a great time. Do you ever really have a bad time when the beach is involved? We spent Saturday and Sunday mornings at the beach and had the best time watching Jacob fall in love with the ocean. He loved being out in the water with us and jumping the waves or as he called it bouncing in the bouncy water. He also loved being able to run around in the shallow part and play in the waves splashing on the sand. Here are a few pictures of him playing at the beach.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Trip to the zoo with mommy and daddy.

Jacob got a zoo memebership for his birthday from his Mawmaw and Papa and we put it to use a few weeks ago. Here are some pictures of our trip.
(pictures are in no certain order)