Thursday, June 25, 2009

Stll no light at the end of the tunnel...

We had our court hearing/meeting yesterday and unfortunately the judge decided that we needed ANOTHER "FINAL" hearing in DECEMBER. Yes you did just read December. We have no idea why we have to wait until December other than that is when the judge said so that is what we have to do. Evidently during this time another form has to be filled out by our attorney and submitted for the adoption but we can't get any answers as to what that means and why it would take 6 months. I can't even begin to describe how Wayne and I feel right now. We are sad, upset, angry, frustrated, and numb all at the same time. We continue to believe that God is in control of this adoption and even when we don't understad we have to trust. I will tell you that we are tested each day with patience, understanding, and trust. It is our faith that has gotten us this far and it is our faith that will keep us going to the end. Our hearts break for Madison because she is still in the orphanage with no end in sight.
Please continue to pray for us, Madison, and this process.
We could really use a Miracle at this time.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Court Hearing is Today!

Our court hearing for the adoption case is today in Guatemala It is going to be at 11am (est) time. We are not sure what this hearing means but feel that it is for the judge to agree that the adoption can continue since it was kicked out of PGN. As soon as we hear something about the outcome I will post.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers.