Friday, February 20, 2009

Not really any news.

First of all Wayne, Jacob, and I want to thank everyone for their prayers over the past few years as well as on Feb. 13. We believe in the power of prayer and trust that all of the prayers will be answered in time.
We have attempted several times to find out if the meeting took place or not and we have been unsuccessful. We did however receive a few emails about our case. The first was an email from our Coordinator that stated she had heard from Walter, the attorney's assistant. Basically it just stated that our case was being worked on and asking us to please have patience until it is completed. The second email was from our attorney. Through the translation we could best understand that the email stated that there was a mix up with the birthmother interviews and that the correct birthmother has been contacted and that she has agreed to allow the adoption to move forward. We had already heard this news but were still thankful that at least he took the time to email us something.
Madison's 2nd birthday is just around the corner and it is looking like she wont be home yet again for another milestone in her life. Our hearts are breaking with the thought of missing her birthday but we are still trusting that the adoption will be completed. I can't begin to really describe how hard this is for us but I will try. If you can imagine you (or your wife) having a baby and then the hospital coming to you and saying that you can now only see your child 2 times (a total of 14 days) over the next two years and that you might get some pictures over this time period but not guaranteed. Then they also tell you that they have no idea when you will be united as a family but please do not give up hope.
Yes we know that legally Madison has never been our child but I can tell you that she was born in our hearts as our daughter the moment we saw her picture when we accepted the referral. We accepted the referral when she was only a month old.
We ask that you please keep praying for us and the adoption. She will come home some day.

In better news, Jacob is doing wonderful. He is a very busy boy exploring anything he can. He has been crawling since Christmas day and has also been "cruising" around furniture and pushing his walk-behind toys across the floor. He jabbers a good part of the day and LOVES to be around other kids. He has also decided that the food Wayne and I eat is much better than any baby food. And now to the best news of all....He is sleeping all night long.
I can't believe that my baby will be a year old in a few months...he is getting so big.