Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Christmas Eve  Jacob actually received one of his presents early.  He received a joint present from his Nana and Grandpa and his Grandaddy.  They bought him a new swingset.   His Daddy and his PaPa put in their part by putting it together for him on Christmas Eve.   I did my best to keep Jacob in the house so it would be a surprise when they were finished.    He was surprised and LOVED it.  The swings were not on before they had to stop working for the day but his PaPa finished that part while we were out of town in Arkansas. 

After the exitement of the new swingset we got ready and headed to church for the candle light carol service.

We celebrated Christmas 4 times this year and had a great time at each celebration.  
The first celebration was at home with just our little family of 3.   When Jacob was born both Wayne and myself agreed that we would make it a point to always be in our home on Christmas morning so Jacob could always wake up in his home that morning.  When he gets older if he wants to go visit family then we will rethink but for now while he is little it is important to us for him to be at his home on Christmas morning.  
He had a rough night sleeping the night before and was up part of the night, of course Santa had already been to the house so Wayne had to get up and cover everything with blankets so the surprises would still be surprises.   When we got up Christmas morning he was so excited to see that Santa had left him a power wheels 4 wheeler, a race track, and lots of goodies in his stocking.  Some of his favorite things he received from mommy and daddy were a few Max and Ruby dvds and a bunch of Hot Wheels cars.   

After our time at home that morning we headed over to Jacob's MaMa and PaPa's house (Wayne's mom and step-dad) for Christmas dinner and more presents. We had a great time with MaMa, PaPa, Aunt Lady, and Betty.    
 We also took Jacob's 4 wheeler so he could ride it around their yard.   
Jacob received several great presents that afternoon like some great tools  and an  Olivia dvd but one of his favorites was a bubble gun.  He giggled and giggled over this gun and shooting people with bubbles.  

The next day we drove to Edgefield to celebrate Christmas with Jacob's Grandaddy (Wayne's dad).   We also were able to celebrate with Jacob's great aunt Ruth and great uncle Kevin who were down visiting from Kentucky.  Once again he received many great presents but again a few of his favorites were the dancing Mickey Mouse, a John Deere musical band toy, and a remote control car. 

The next day (the 27th) we headed out on our 2 day trip to Arkansas to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.   On the way there we ended up sitting in traffic in North Carolina for over 4 hours.   What should have taken us about 45 minutes took us about 4 hours.  After sitting in the car for what seemed like FOREVER we finally made it to the rest area right before the Tennessee border.  We let Jacob take a little bit and play in the snow.  He had a blast.  

After a long drive to Fort Smith we arrived at Nana and Grandpa's house (my parents) where we were greeted by the entire family to include all of the cousins and my brother, sister, and sister-in-law.  
Once again he recieved a bunch of great presents but some of his favorites were a truck with a bunch of little cars inside, some Max and Ruby books, and a suitcase called a Trunkie that he can ride on as well.    

We had a great time at all 4 Christmas celebrations and are so blessed to have such great families on both sides of our little family.