Monday, May 7, 2007

One Step Closer!

After spending all weekend preparing the house to be spotless and as perfect as we could get it, we had our first homestudy visit this morning. Jen, the social worker, was so great. She came in and immediately made Wayne and myself feel calm. We talked about several things in a conversation like format instead of us being drilled with questions which helped a lot. She was able to answer several questions for us and was pleased to hear that we are already working on the necessary paperwork for the homestudy. We have already scheduled our next two visits and she plans to have the homestudy typed up and completed by May 21. That is a lot faster than we ever thought possible. Missy, the international adoption coordinator, already has us working on getting some of the paperwork for the dossier completed so when the homestudy is completed we are in the home stretch as far as paperwork is concerned. I can tell that by the time we are finished we are going to wish we had a notary public in our family that lives close by.

Missy told us that the hardest part of the adoption would be once we got a referral and waiting until we could go get our child. I will tell you that we agree with her. Wayne and I look at Madison's picture and can't wait for more updates. We also know she is growing and learning new things each day that we are missing. I just keep reminding myself that when the time comes for us to bring her home we will not forget it. I joke about how I am lucky to be "expecting" and not having to deal with morning sickness, doctor's appointments, and the pain of childbirth. But then again my "expecting" is hard because I know she is already born and just waiting to meet her mom and dad and to have a home. We keep telling ourselves that when the time is right God will send us to Guatemala to get her. We also remind ourselves that our whole process is already in fast forward so we should just sit back and be patient.


Mom and Gregory said...

Yes waiting is the hardest part, wondering what Madison is doing and how she is changing. She has one Grandmother dying to see her first grandchild.

Jennifer & Richard said...

It's so great things are still going well! We know patience is hard, but the journey will have the sweetest reward in the end.
We'll continue to pray for you.

Vicki Holliday said...

I teach at Greenwood High and I heard of your exciting adventure through Wayne's Dad. I have two granddaughters (ages 5 and 8) and know that the gift you are about to receive will be so worth the preparation, planning, and waiting. I will keep you in my prayers and hope that the time passes quickly until you hold your precious bundle in your arms.