Monday, May 21, 2007

The adoption is moving along as planned.

We had our final face-to-face visit for our home study this afternoon. Everything seems to be going well, we have two things we have to mail to them this week and our home study will be considered complete on the agency's end. Then they will send it in to immigration for their approval. We went last Friday to the immigration office in Charleston to have our fingerprinting done, that went really smooth. There is nothing like driving for 2 hours to spend 20 minutes in the office with only about 5 actually involving the finger printing. But we can now officially check that off of our list.
Last week at our home study visit we asked about an update on Madison. (Yes we know everyone is waiting for more pictures) They told us that the updates are usually sent every 6 weeks so we have a few more weeks to wait. The pictures we have (of her in the pink outfit) were sent on April17. It is hard to believe that we have only been actively working on the adoption since April 20 and we have already completed the pre-registration, registration, I600-A, fingerprinting, and basically the home study. God has really blessed us through this process so far and all we can do is trust that he will continue to bless us the rest of the way.
It is now time to work on the Dossier. We have heard that it can be really stressful trying to get the dossier completed but we are trusting that just like the other paperwork we will be able to get it completed without any major road blocks.
We are continuing to work on raising the money for the rest of the adoption but again, we trust that God will continue to provide for us just as he already has.

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melissa said...

congrats guys!!!! this is so exciting...