Saturday, April 28, 2007

It has been a busy few days.

Well we have officially been able to check off one of our things on our long list of paperwork. We mailed off our I-600A to the immigration office. One down and I don't even know how many more to go. Wayne talked with Missy, the international adoption coordinator, at our agency yesterday and she said that we are right on track. She was glad to see how much we have accomplished in just a short time. We also set up our first meeting for our Homestudy. That will take place in a week. From what we understand the entire Homestudy process will take several weeks with at least 3 face-to-face visits at our house. We are currently in the process of getting the necessary documents for the homestudy to be completed. We are also starting the big task of cleaning out the room that will become the nursery. For two people, we sure do have a lot of stuff! We have managed to come up with a place for just about everything at this time which is a big plus. Our cats are thinking we are moving or something. Shadow does not like change and so she has been on edge all day long today.

We are pleased to announce that we did decide on a name. The beautiful little girl shown below will be known as Madison Grace Burton.

It does not seem like this is all possible but hearing from the adoption agency that we are right on track with everything helps us to feel a little more secure. We just keep reminding ourselves that God is in control and Madison is the child he chose for us.

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