Sunday, April 22, 2007

We have picked an agency and a country!!!

After a lot of prayer and discussion we have finally found an agency we feel 100% about. We found this agency right in our backyard. We have decided to work with Worldwide Adoption Services, INC. out of Spartanburg, SC. Our first meeting with them was so informative and felt so welcoming that we knew they were the right place for us. Yes, we did check everything out and found that they have absolutely no complaints with the state at all. We are so excited to finally be beginning this process. After speaking with the agency my worries about possible issues with other countries were gone and Wayne and I finally realized that God was leading us to adopt from Guatemala.

A little history about our decision...

Since we started our discussion about adopting Wayne has always felt led to adopt from Guatemala, but I was hesitant and was also thinking more along the lines of a domestic adoption. Wayne agreed to apply for domestic adoption so we did. We applied with one agency and never had a good feeling that we weren't going to get strung along for a very long time. We then applied with another agency only for them to tell us that they felt we would be better suited for their International program.
This got me to thinking and so we started praying again and I began to feel that maybe what I wanted was not what God wanted. I learned a long time ago that God always wins and his plans for us are always better than what we think. So, here we are starting the adoption process to adopt a baby from Guatemala. (And yes, I am waiting for Wayne to tell me " I told you so" at any time now).

At this time we are working on gaining the financial support for the adoption. We have the opportunity to adopt a little girl who is currently available if we can come up with half of the adoption fee within a week. If this works out we understand that we have started this whole process a little backwards but our agency will work with us every step of the way to make sure nothing is left undone.
If this does not work out then we know that it was not meant to be and that God has another child in mind for us. We ask that you all keep us in your prayers during this process.


TBarnes said...

I know that God is going to show up in your lives in your decision to adopt. Because there are so many children in this world that desire families and love. Just looking at the both of you I see a anointing on your life that says You will give this child all the love needed. But I also see the blessing of knowing Christ on you and this is a wonderful gift that all children need and with you both knowing Christ this child is about to walk into the best blessing known. Know that I have lifted you up in prayer asking that all your needs are met and the favor of God be on you during this process.

TaWana Barnes(Ms Robyn's Co-worker)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your big decision! We look forward to following along with your during your exciting journey.

The Sumners said...

The anonymous comment is from Lauren and Justin...and it should read "...along with YOU during your exciting journey."