Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Still no news about the adoption

We are still waiting for news about the adoption. All we know is that Guatemala is still currently auditing all adoption cases in PGN. The audit process does include interviews with the birthmothers and the attorneys. As of late last week our agency reported that our attorney had not been contacted with an interview time but as soon as they knew something they would let us know. I understand the reason for the audits and Guatemala wanting to make sure all adoptions are legit but each day means that it is that much longer until our case is finalized. Wayne and I are both trying hard to keep our chins up but having Jacob home has really made us realize how much we are missing with Madison. I always knew we were missing out on a big part of her growing but it never really hit home until we brought Jacob home and we see how much he grows and changes each day. We believe that Madison will be home someday and we pray that someday is very soon but all we can really do is trust in God's timing. I wish I could say that I understand his timing but I really can't and I struggle with it each day. I can only go on faith and trust that his timing is perfect no matter what I might feel right now.
On another note after going through the pregnancy and then the delivery with Jacob it has made me really think about Madison's birthmother. Before, I knew she had to make a hard decision to give Madison up for adoption but I never really understood how hard of a decision it was until Jacob. I cannot imagine carrying him for 9 months, having my love for him grow with each day, going through labor, hearing him cry his first cry, and then giving him up for someone else to raise. She had to make a huge act of faith and trust a family she has never and probably never will meet that we would love her child and want to raise her child as our own. Our love for Madison grows each day and we know that some day we will be a family of four officially (in our minds and hearts we already are a family of four).

Please continue to pray for our adoption and that Madison will get to come home very soon. We also would like to ask you to pray for Madison's birthmother and the struggle she will have to go through of making the decision, of allowing Madison to be adopted, at least one more time (during her interview with PGN).

Jacob is doing good, he has reflux problems which are causing him some tummy troubles but he seems to be getting a little better. Please continue to pray for him as well.

Here is a picture of Jacob after a bath

A picture of Madison on her birthday (it seems so long ago that we took these pictures)


Anonymous said...

Meredith and Wayne,
Jacob is beautiful. We continue to pray for Madison each day that she will be home with your family soon. God Bless...Gregg, Kim and Kailey

Anonymous said...

We know this is a bittersweet time for you, being blessed with Jacob and still waiting for Madison to come home. I know your heart must feel so torn, God will carry you through this--You have many prayers being said for your family back here in Arkansas. We believe God will answer our prayers for you. We love you all
Jennifer & Richard