Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It's Official, All paperwork has been turned in!

This morning Wayne went to the mailbox and finally found the long awaited INS 171-H.
We immediately scanned it into the computer and emailed it to the adoption agency. I then called the agency and talked with Jen. She opened up her email and was as excited as we were to see that we had received the 171-H. She told us that she would open up the email and send the form to the attorney in Guatemala. We can finally say that we are OFFICIALLY in the waiting stage. The next step will be for our attorney to request the DNA test. He can also file for our case to go to family court in Guatemala. We are hoping that both of these are done within the next few days. I have spent a lot of time today thinking about the adoption process and how if this was a pregnancy some of the excitement would be with each ultra sound. Well with adoption some of the excitement is with each bit of information you receive in the mail. We don't usually see our mail lady so she has no idea how important today was or probably even how important what she delivered was to us. Today was our USPS "ultrasound" excitement. Now we can't wait to feel the "kicks" (DNA results, enter court, exit court, etc).

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