Friday, February 12, 2010

It Snowed!

It started snowing at our house around 4:15 and has not stopped yet. We probably have about 5-6 inches of snow at this time and who knows how much by the morning. This is awesome. In South Carolina you NEVER see this much snow. Seriously, flurries are all we ever see. The news reported that this is the most snow they have seen here in SC since 1973. This is Jacob's first snow, at home, to actually get to play in. It snowed a little last year but was all gone two hours later. He has had so much fun playing in the "know" and we can't wait to take him out to play again in the morning. At first he was hesitant to go out because he told me it was raining but he quickly learned that it is fun.
Tonight after dinner we went out to play for a second time and decided to toss some snowballs around. Jacob thought that was great even if his idea of hitting someone with a snowball is grabbing some snow and then touching your leg with the snow.

Here are some pictures of Jacob in the snow...

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Kay said...

So glad you had fun in the snow! We did too, but about 90% is gone already. Bring on spring!