Friday, June 8, 2007

As is an update!!!

There is not a lot more to tell about the actual adoption process. We are in the final stages of the paperwork and have already sent some off to the Secretary of State to be verified and to Guatemala for authentication. We are now only left with about 4 things we have to complete before all of the paperwork is completed. We have already started the process of getting all of the necessary things to complete this and are currently in a waiting period for everything. We are still working on getting the funds to pay the rest of the adoption fees as well as our trip to Guatemala.

We are now in the nursery mode. We are trying to focus on getting the room ready for her. I never thought that 1 1/2 months after we started this process I would be stressing about getting the nursery set up, but here I am. I am hoping to be able to paint the room within the next few weeks but I have to decide on what color first. We have chosen the crib bedding and purchased it so that I can have it to help me decide what color I like best. Here is a picture of the quilt.

Of course we are in the shopping mode as well and can't wait to buy her more stuff. We have only purchased a small amount of clothes due to us not really knowing what size she will be when we go get her but have purchased some toys (mostly stuffed animals). Here is a picture of her new rocking elephant....isn't it adorable!

Please continue to keep myself, Wayne, and Madison in your prayers as well as the entire adoption process. We know that God has truely blessed us through this process and can't wait to give Madison a permanent home.

She looks like a good sleeper! We hope she will continue to be once she is home.

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