Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sorry it has been so long between posts.

It has been a busy few months and I kept telling myself that I would update the blog tomorrow. Tomorrow is FINALLY here.

First an update about our adoption.
We had a scare a few weeks ago when we received an email from the Homeland Security Immigration Office that stated our case had been abandonded with their office. They gave us the reason of not having an updated homestudy. Evidently when we filed for the extension in December we were required to have a new homestudy completed. We had no idea. After finally getting a hold of our agency and speaking with our coordinator and then also my calling the Immigration office we found out that they would reinstate our case as long as we got a new homestudy. We would have done this a long time ago if we had known it was needed. We are now in the process of hurrying up and getting all of the paperwork required for a homestudy completed and then getting the actual homestudy scheduled and completed. This ia an URGENT process since the Immigration office told me we needed to have it done ASAP. We also have to have our finger prints taken for the third time.
Our case is supposedly still set for a court date in Guatemala on December 7. We can't seem to get any more information other than that. We are assuming that Madison is still in the same orphanage and just pray that she is getting great care. We as a family need this to come to a close soon so that we can move on and start our future. Please pray that God's will be done and that no matter what happens it will be the best for everyone. Of course we are wanting that to mean that on Dec. 7, the judge says that Madison is ours.
We did find out that once againg PGN has had a huge turnover of employees and so they are once again reviewing every case. We also found out that there are about 400 outstanding cases still pending in Guatemala. That means 400 children waiting to be with their forever families.

Now the news about Jacob.
Jacob will be 18 months old on Oct. 30. At his last doctor appointment he was in the 75th percent for both height and weight. He is learning new things everyday and his vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger each day. He loves to talk on the phone and most days wakes up in the morning saying "I talk, I talk" . Some of his favorite things to do are play ball and slide. He loves to be outside and around other kids.

* I know there are mispelled words in here but I am too tired to try to get spell check to work.