Sunday, August 31, 2008

It is hard to believe.....

that Jacob is 4 Months old!

Jacob has grown so much over the past month. We cannot imagine life without him and are so blessed to be his parents. His personality is beginning to really blossom and we really belive he might be becoming a big flirt. Boy are we going to be in trouble!!!
Here is a picture of him eating oatmeal.

This picture was taken earlier in the month but I just love it.

Still waiting on PGN...

I called PGN on Friday and found out that our case file is still on the second reviewers desk. We have to go through 3 reviewers before our case can be approved and released from PGN. Please pray that we make it to the 3rd reviewers desk within the next few days. Also please pray that the reviewers are very kind and are not extremely picky and find something to kick our case out for. They have been known to kick cases out for literally not having an "i" dotted or a "t" crossed. We are praying that the reviewers see that all of the necessary steps have been taken, the proper paperwork has been completed and that we have waited a very long time, and that they will approve our case in a very timely manner. PGN has been known to take a very long time to move a case from one reviewer to another.

On another note we want to share a praise that all of the adoption cases from our agency were able to have their birhtmother interviews completed by the timeline. This is a HUGE praise because if the deadline was not met there was a big feeling of the unknown. Nobody really knew what might happen to the cases with the fear that they would be dropped and have to start all over. Praise the Lord that this did not happen and all the families have met the deadline.

We also received some very unexpected but greatly appreciated pictures of Madison. Here is one of her....she looks like she is having a good time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


We had our birthmother interview yesterday. I got the official confirmation from PGN today. They told me that the interview was successful and now all we are waiting on is for PGN to sign off on our case. Once that is done Madison will officially be our daughter. We will still have a wait due to another DNA test, passport and then our US Embassy appointment but we can handle that wait as long as we know she is officially our daughter.
Thanks for all your prayers and please keep praying that we successfully and make a speedy exit from PGN.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hopefully some good news coming very soon....

Wayne and I are hoping and praying that we have good news to share soon. We have been told that our birthmother interview was completed today but we want to verify that is true before we get our hopes up. Please pray for some good news to come very very very soon. We also want to ask you to please pray for the other families adopting through our agency that they all hear good news soon too.

I am going to attempt to call PGN tomorrow and verify the news.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

We have some BAD news!

We just found out that our attorney in Guatemala has a lot of birthmother interviews that are not completed and ours is one of them. We also found out that if we don't have the interview completed by August 31, then the Guatemala government will require Madison to be moved from her foster home and into an orphanage. The Government will no longer recognize the use of foster families and will require all children put up for adoption to be in orphanages.
We are soooo upset by this news and it breaks my heart to think of Madison going from her loving foster home to an orphanage.

We are trying our best to not lose faith but we can't help but feel that all of our prayers (and yours included) have gone unanswered. We know in our heads that this is not true and that God answers all prayers (just sometimes not the way we want him too) but honestly our hearts are broken and feel like our prayers have gone unanswered. I feel that I need God to hit me on the head with something and say "hey this is what I am doing with your case and trust me Madison is ok".

We are just so angry at our attonery and can't understand how he can let all of the children he is representing suffer for his laziness. (At least we feel he has been lazy).
We are at a loss as to what to do next and what to pray anymore. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Madison, Mommy and Daddy love you and are doing everything we can to get you home.

We ask that you also pray for the other families our attorney represents, there are at least 19 (we think) other families with our adoption agency that he is working with.

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Information

We heard from our adoption coordinator Peggy the other day. She told us that Madison's birthmother has failed to respond to our attorney's attempts to contact her about the birthmother interview. He told Peggy that he now understands the problem and feels like the interview will take place very soon. We also found out that there might be a deadline for birthmother interviews of August 31. If the interview is not completed by the 31st then our adoption might be delayed even longer. We ask everyone to continue to pray for our case and that we don't have any more delays.

In the meantime Jacob has enjoyed playing with his cousins.
His cousin Jordan made him laugh out loud for the fist time this past Monday.

Jordan making Jacob laugh

Jacob playing with Daniel and Jordan